Is your gut unhappy? 5 signs to look out for

Is your gut unhappy?  5 signs to look out for
As the gatekeeper of your body and a key player in regulating your overall health, a healthy gut can leave you feeling great. But what happens when it’s not happy and healthy? Here are 5 signs that your gut may be off and what to do about it.

  1. Mood ups and downs. 95% of the body’s feel good hormone serotonin can be found in the gut. When gut health is altered from foods, toxins, stress or other imbalances, it can throw off how serotonin talks to the brain. The result could be that you feel great one moment and down the next. Regulating gut health is therefore key to help with mood and mood concerns
  2. Low energy. Have you ever eaten a large meal then promptly felt sleepy and tired afterwards? Food is medicine, but it is also information and when this information meets a sluggish digestive system, you don’t feel your best. Paying attention to how you feel when eating is as important as what you eat, and all of this affects gut health
  3. Hormonal imbalances. When your gut is stressed, from activities or even foods, the hormone cortisol can increase in the body and affect everything from thyroid health to reproductive health. If you notice changes in weight especially around the abdominal area and have difficulty taking it off, you may need to check in on what’s going on with your gut that may be affecting your hormonal health.
  4. Sleep issues. Poor gut health can create inflammatory changes, hormonal changes and shifts in your sleep patterns. Regulating gut health, the microbiome and digestion overall can allow you to have much more restful nights.
  5. Hair loss. Hair loss can result from thyroid changes, nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune changes. While it may not seem obvious, these causes can all be affected by gut health. When the gut is off, nutrients may be absorbed less efficiently and result in brittle nails, skin changes and hair loss. 
Maintaining a happy and healthy gut does not need to be difficult. Some simple steps include: tracking your food, eating mindfully, choosing organic where possible and eating a variety of whole foods. Book a complimentary discovery session today.

In light and love,
Dr. Melvia
ND | Coach