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Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Dr. Melvia, a mom, wife, entrepreneur, licensed Naturopathic doctor and certified health coach! Let me share a bit about myself!

From Pain To Purpose
Many busy women wish there was more they could do to resolve their hormonal weight issues (due to PCOS, fibroids or after having children).

They don’t like wondering about what to eat, feeling heavy or sluggish, or like they can’t fit into their clothes comfortably. 

Even then, they often think that others are judging them unfairly. 

And I don’t blame them.

My name is Dr. Melvia, ND. and I educate women on gut and hormonal health. I’m a mom, wife, certified health coach and licensed Naturopathic doctor with a passion for empowering women to transform their gut, harmonize their hormones and master their energy.

I am also the creator of an online community helping busy women to manage hormonal issues and tame their tummy troubles.

Although things are great for me now, they were once much different.
I used to dedicate 1-2 hours a day doing strenuous exercises and restricting what I ate.

Every week felt like a never ending marathon.

I convinced myself, if I wanted to feel great in my clothes  I needed to overhaul my lifestyle choices.

It wasn’t sustainable because it required me to change too many things at once.

I tried different approaches  like doing intense activities and the newest trend and gave up shortly after and felt like a failure.

I was even told that everything looked “fine” from my bloodwork, and that a lot of this was “normal”.  But I felt anything but fine.

The truth is, no matter what women with hormonal weight and imbalances do, life without daily ups and downs  seems just out of reach.

You see, when I eliminated entire food groups, I didn’t know what to put on my plate. The moment I started having them again, the weight would come right back. 

If I wanted to try intense activities, I would feel initially good then start experiencing other symptoms.

I even dabbled with fancy apps.

It wasn’t easy but it “needed to be done”.

I needed to understand the root cause of what was preventing me from shedding the stubborn weight and not jump onto another trend that didn’t get to the bottom of things.

But I had no clue about the real reason for the problem in the first place.

“They” never taught me this at all the appointments I attended.

But I knew that understanding the gut-hormone connection and its effect on my entire being was essential to my success.

And after fighting this internal battle and taking two steps forward and one step back, for the majority of my life, I made a surprising discovery.

I couldn’t just eliminate things and expect symptoms to go away for good.

Nor could I just do another trend for a short while only to experience even worse symptoms the next time.

I knew following this ‘general healthy lifestyle’ wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to really manage my symptoms long term.

So I committed to figure this out.

Long story short, after a lot of trial and error, I did!

Naturally I was surprised by my own results.

Since then, over 10 years, I’ve gone on to fit better in my clothes, regain my energy and gain a sense of balance in my body and health. I've gained a sense of freedom with food and have a much better relationship with my body

Over the past few years I’ve even helped scores of women with hormonal weight issues (due to PCOS, fibroids or after having children), to fit better in their clothes, regulate their hormones, regain energy and gain a sense of balance in their  body and health.

Obviously, there’s no single solution that works for everyone, but I was so happy that this worked so well even for my most skeptical participants. 

It even worked for those where hormonal weight issues (due to PCOS, fibroids or after having children), runs in their family or people who had tried almost everything to take control with little to show for their efforts.

If that’s something that hits home, then this week, my team and I are hosting a free online training called the PCOS Tame Tummy Masterclass where we’ll walk women with hormonal weight issues (due to PCOS, fibroids or after having children) through exactly how to make that happen.

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