I educate women on gut and hormonal health. I’m a mom, wife, certified health coach and licensed Naturopathic doctor with a passion for empowering women to transform their gut, harmonize their hormones and master their energy.

I am also the creator of an online community helping busy women to manage hormonal issues and tame their tummy troubles.

"I'm feeling proud of this 3 month progress and for staying consistent, 
having fun and doing it the RIGHT way this time!"


"You're Not Alone"

Many busy women with PCOS, fibroids, or post-pregnancy face frustrating hormonal weight challenges. The confusion over what to eat, feeling sluggish, and clothing discomfort, alongside unfair judgments, are common concerns.

I'm a mom, wife, certified health coach, and licensed Naturopathic doctor dedicated to guiding women through improving their gut and hormonal health, thereby boosting their energy. I've created an online community for women struggling with hormonal issues and digestive discomfort, providing support and empowerment.

Despite my current success, my journey had its difficulties. 

I spent hours daily on tough workouts and strict diets, feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of lifestyle overhauls. 

Despite efforts, including intense activities and trendy diets, I quickly felt defeated. Sound familiar? 

Even with normal bloodwork, my well-being was far from fine. 

The reality hit: For women grappling with hormonal weight and imbalances, a life without constant ups and downs appeared unattainable.

Removing entire food groups only brought temporary weight loss, and returning to them led to immediate weight gain. Trying intense activities and fancy apps felt promising but ultimately didn't tackle the root cause of my persistent weight issues. I realized that none of the advice I received addressed the underlying problem.

Understanding the vital link between my gut health and hormone balance was the key I was missing. It took me a long time, with plenty of setbacks, to discover that simply eliminating certain foods or jumping on the latest health trend was ineffective for long-term symptom management.

So, I dedicated myself to truly understanding and addressing the core issues affecting my weight and overall health.

After years of experimentation, I achieved remarkable personal health transformations (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), leading to a decade of maintaining a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. This experience fueled my passion for helping women, particularly those battling hormonal weight challenges like PCOS, fibroids, or post-pregnancy issues. 

My approach has proven effective even for those with a history of such issues or those who have tried numerous solutions without success. 

If this resonates with you, join us for our free Tame Tummy Masterclass where I'll guide you on a journey to better health, helping you regain energy, balance hormones, and feel great in your clothes again.

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