Helping busy women to banish belly bloat, shed stubborn hormonal weight and double their energy. that they can thrive in their bodies and lives


Reclaim Your Confidence: Say Goodbye to Belly Bloat, Shed Hormonal Weight, and Unleash Your Limitless Energy!

Are you a  busy woman
juggling everything from your health, to work to life and want to feel vibrant not burntout?


Do you want to banish belly bloating and shed stubborn weight?


Do you have PCOS, fibroids or other hormonal changes that disrupt your sense of wellbeing?

"The foundation for all  peace is health
-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual." 

- Dr. Melvia, ND

Dr. Melvia
ND | Coach

Hi! I'm
Dr. Melvia, ND
...helping busy women to discover the new way of wellness!

Introducing Dr. Melvia, a highly skilled Coach and Naturopathic doctor dedicated to empowering busy women to reclaim their health and vitality. With a passion for holistic wellness, Dr. Melvia, ND focuses on addressing gut health, hormonal harmony, and boosting energy levels.

Beat Belly Bloat, Shed Stubborn Weight & Reclaim Your Energy 
in 3 simple steps!

Tame Tummy BlueprintTM

Support your gut; balance your hormones & 
master your metabolism and energy.

 Step by step Tame Tummy BlueprintTM 
  6 hours total of 1:1 Coaching
  Strategic Wellness Care Plan
  Personalized Supplement Plan
  Relevant Lab testing
  And More!


It's time to STOP...
 Guessing what foods to eat
Riding the hormonal rollercoaster
  Being at war with your bathroom scale

It's time for you to...
  Reclaim your energy and vitality
  Feel at ease in your body and mind

Don't miss out on the opportunity to feel like a better version of yourself